Luston and Shobdon

Early Reading


A home-school reading practise is operated across the school, whereby children bring home books to share with their families.

Fostering a love of reading at home and school

Instilling a love of reading is an essential aim of our reading curriculum, so children get regular opportunities to read for pleasure and to an audience. 

We teach daily phonics in EYFS and KS1 using a combination of Letters and Sounds and Read, Write, Inc resources. This enables children to identify and use sounds to help them decode words in isolation and in sentences.

Children’s reading progresses from decoding, to fluency, to comprehension, through one to one reading, whole class guided reading and modelled/shared reading.

Our goal is for all children to progress from reading scheme books to being able to select their own books from a rich and varied range that suits their ability and instil a life-long love of reading


Phonics and Reading

At Luston Primary and Shobdon Primary we have daily phonics sessions in reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We use Read, Write, Inc as the core programme for delivering phonics teaching. We use a variety of multi-sensory approaches to make this a very interactive experience.

Give Your Child a Helping Hand     Parents Guide to Learning to Read 

Reading Curriculum 


Useful Websites

The links below will take you to exciting websites to help supplement your child's early reading skills through fun activities and games.




Oxford Owl Videos

The Oxford Owl website has a wealth of resources for helping your child with their early reading. Here are our top picks of short clips for you to learn more!

What is phonics? information videos for parents

 How to pronounce pure sounds

How to blend sounds to read words

Phonics help: 10 top tips