French at Luston and Shobdon

 French Lead: Sue Bowyer

 Bonjour! Ca va?

Our French curriculum is designed with our pupils and the local community in mind.

It enables children to access and enhance their understanding of their home, their town and the wider community, developing their cultural capital and giving them opportunities and choices about their future and their impact as they progress through their school career and beyond.

This will help them become successful members of modern British society, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities.

What does French look like across the Federation?

Intent, Implementation & Impact

MFL National Curriculum

Vocabulary Lists

Recommended Reads

 Enjoy these popular picture books retold in French. Which is your favourite?


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French Knowledge Organisers and Vocabulary

              Year Three                                       Year Four 

              Year Five                                      Year Six

For Parents

Google Maps is a fascinating way to explore the geographical location of France and its fantastic man-made and physical features. Have fun learning all about France. Perhaps you might even create a bucket list of places you'd like to visit!

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