Forest School

At Luston Primary School we feel that our motto ‘Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly’ is deeply embedded into our forest school ethos.

We believe that every child desires the freedom to explore the outdoor environment that is available for them to enjoy through having the opportunity to play.

Charter for Children’s Play - Children Play Best:

  • When adults are watchful but not intrusive, when safe ground lends courage to their discoveries and adventures.
  • When their trust in life is whole, when they welcome the unknown, and are fearless.
  • When the world is shared with them. When there are places and spaces they can make their own.
  • When their games are free from adult’s agendas and when their transformations require no end-product.
  • When their senses are directly engaged with nature and the elements.
  • When they are free to become gatherers, makers, and world creators in their own time and their own ways.
  • When they can play with others and make relationships.
  • When they can play alone, be solitary and private.
  • When they can become themselves through their play with others and their own imaginings.
  • When they can reveal themselves, their joys, sufferings, and concerns, without fear of ridicule, and when mystery and imagination are not denied by fact.