Welcome to Luston Nursery

Here at Luston, we recognise that settling into nursery is a big step for your child and we endeavour to make it a happy and enjoyable experience. Our aim is to make nursery a happy, stimulating and rewarding environment for your child to discover, learn and play in a wide range of experiences. It is very important to us that home and nursery work together in developing an effective partnership.

Luston Nursery, is a popular Early Years setting, it is a Governor run nursery housed in the school building and is an integral part of the school community.


 Ofsted Report – Luston Nursery

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Luston Primary retained our GOOD status!

 "From the start, there is a well-resourced approach to teaching reading. Beginning in the Nursery, adults provide a language-rich environment. Staff share songs and rhymes that get children excited about the rhythm and patterns of language. Staff also teach children about the importance of careful speaking and listening. This helps prepare them well for when they start formal phonics in Reception. ".


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Our Busy Day


Curriculum Goals



Read Write Inc

At Luston nursery, we use a phonics and reading programme called Read Write Inc (RWI). The Read Write Inc. programme, developed by Ruth Miskin, provides a whole-school approach to teaching literacy that creates fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers. We want to develop the skills children need to learn to read, as well as promoting a love for books and a love for reading.


Watch the videos below to find out more about RWI




Medium term plan- Spring 1

A Dot In the Snow

 Number songs


Medium Term plan- Autumn 1 2023-2024

Old Mc Donald song

The Little Red Hen story 

Tractor Ted- Baby animal names


Medium Term plan- Summer 2

10 Little Pirates Story

Subitise with a Pirate

Sea Shanty Song to learn

Pirate treasure map pizza



 Safari park visit

All of the pre-school children and nursery staff really enjoyed our trip to the safari park. We loved looking at all the different animals but especially enjoyed visiting the dinosaurs and digging for fossils.

It was a great way to finish our journey together before they all move on to reception. What great memories we have made together.




Medium Term plan- Summer 1

Here are some websites which are linked to our topic, which you may find useful.



 The King's Pants

Top Marks- Shapes/Patterns

Subitise up to 5

Traditional Fairy tale activities



 King Charles lll's Coronation celebrations

The children enjoyed celebrating the King's Coronation by joining the Primary school in a paint run. 




Medium Term plan- Spring 2

Here are some websites which you might find useful, that are linked to our learning.

Jack Heartman Subitising 1-5 

The Very Greedy Bee  

Go with YoYo- Mindfulness bee breathing 

Bud's Number Garden game 

Some of our spring 2 activities


Parental Involvement

Here at Luston Nursery we believe parental involvement to be extremely important. It helps us extend our teaching to outside of the setting, it creates a positive experience for children and helps children perform better when they are in the setting. Parental involvement improves the children's achievements, self-esteem, and behaviour. It also helps us to build strong, positive relationships between parents and staff within the setting.

Read with me session


 Christmas Craft


Summer Celebrations



Our Learning Adventures