School Uniform

All of our logo uniform is available to buy from Club Sport in Leominster



Yellow polo shirts – available from Clubsport in South Street, Leominster

Blue Jumper/cardigan - Clubsport

Trousers/skirts - black

Cardigan/jumper - blue

Socks or tights – black or grey


Dresses - yellow

Short-sleeved shirt / blouse or polo shirt - yellow

Shorts / skirts / trousers - black 


Children should come to school wearing appropriate outdoor black footwear.

Purchasing items with the school logo

Jumpers, polo-shirts, PE bags and book bags with the school logo are available to purchase from Clubsport, Leominster.


Children will continue to wear their PE kit uniform to school each day it is required for PE lessons. As such, we will refer to it as a PE kit uniform, with children representing the school when wearing it. Children will therefore be expected to wear their PE kit uniform smartly and in full accordance with the details below:

• Plain white T-shirt or white T-shirt with the school logo

• Plain black shorts or skorts (no logos / patterns)

• Plain black sweatshirt or hoodie (no logos / patterns)

• Plain black tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings (no large logos / or patterns of any size)

• Trainers

No other items are considered to be a part of our schools PE Kit Uniform

Children can choose whether to wear the black shorts / skort or the black tracksuit bottoms, depending on the weather on the day.

We discourage all forms of jewellery. Only stud earrings should be worn and these must be removed for PE, swimming and games activities, for health and safety reasons.


We endeavour to enjoy every playtime outside, therefore your child should bring a coat to school every day - in the winter months, a warm and waterproof one, whilst during the summer a light-weight showerproof coat.

School Uniform Policy


school uniform policy.pdf