Music at Luston and Shobdon

 Music Lead: Mary Freeman


We believe that music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity.

Children are encouraged to understand music as a means of communication. They will be given the chance to work independently and collaboratively, composing, performing and appraising music. Through assemblies and performances, our music curriculum provides a source of cohesion within our school and the wider community

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Musician of the Month - January 2024

About: Florence Beatrice Price (1887 – 1953) was an American classical composer, pianist, organist and music teacher. Price is noted as the first African-American woman to be recognized as a symphonic composer, and the first to have a composition played by a major orchestra. In 2009, a substantial collection of her works and papers was found in her abandoned summer home.
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Florence Price

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Music activities to try at home

BBC Bitesize for KS1

Learn all about rhythm, vocal and body sounds before trying out some singing and performing!

BBC Bitesize for KS2

Learn all about pulse, rhythm and tempo or even take part in virtual choir lessons. All from the comfort of your own home!

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Famous Local Musicians

Sir Edward William Elgar 

(2 June 1857 - 23 February 1934)

was the most famous English composer of his time. He composed in the late romantic era.

Elgar was born in Broadheath,

Worcestershire. His father owned a music shop. Apart from having violin lessons Elgar taught himself about music. 


Why not take a look for the Elgar Statue at Hereford Cathedral?


Gustav Holst 
(21 September 1874 - 25 May 1934)
 English composer and music teacher most famous for leading the orchestra.
He was born in Gloucestershire but spent a lot of time in both Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 
 Gustav's most famous work is 'The Planets'.


Local Links


Encore Youth Music offers the traditional wind bands, brass bands and orchestras, alongside a range of contemporary music such as rock, pop, blues etc. We also have a County Youth Choir and a Ukulele Ensemble. Our range of ensembles caters from beginners to advanced, so there is something for every young musician! Over 300 young people are members, so why not join them? 

Music Knowledge Organisers and Vocabulary

 An overview of what our children are, and will be, learning in their lessons.

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