Summer Challenges



Ms clarke science challenge

Find 5 -

* things that you can dissolve in water and 5 that you can't

* trees that lose their leaves in winter (decidous) and 5 that don't (evergreen)

* things that float and 5 that don't

* thing that are attracted to a magnet and 5 that aren't


Make a list of the objects that you have tested or found for each section. Can you think of some more 'find 5' categories to test?


Mrs bowyer - make french toast

Eggy bread, pain perdu or French toast - this classic breakfast dish has plenty of names and just as many options for toppings. We like it with fresh berries!

Visit the BBC Good Food website to learn how to make it - just click on the image below to start creating your delicious French feast!



Mrs Picton Summer reading challenge

Where do you like to read? What's the most unusual location you've enjoyed a book in? Try to think of a creative place to share a story and take a photograph. Bring them into school in September and we will make a display of our favourite reading spots!



5o Things to do this summer

How many of these exciting challenges can you do this summer?