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  • Friday 18 June 2021 Fruit Kebabs in Airfield Class We made delicious fruit kebabs in Airfield Class after tasting lots of different fruits. I am sure you will agree they were healthy and scrumptious!
  • Friday 18 June 2021 What's on Doc?
  • Thursday 17 June 2021 Year 6 quick cricket at Luctonians
  • Friday 11 June 2021 What's on Doc?
  • Tuesday 8 June 2021 Safari Park Adventures What a wonderful time we had a the Safari Park today. The weather was perfect and the children thoroughly enjoyed their day discovering animals of all shapes and sizes. It has to be said that our favourite was the new baby rhino. He was so cute!
  • Friday 28 May 2021 Science Week Newsletter
  • Friday 28 May 2021 What's on Doc?
  • Friday 28 May 2021 Enjoying science day This week we have been exploring the outdoors while joining in with a variety of activities. We also took part in an investigation using a variety of balls. What a fun week we have had!
  • Friday 28 May 2021 Digging for worms in Airfield What a wonderful time we had digging for worms. 
  • Friday 21 May 2021 What's on Doc?
  • Thursday 20 May 2021 Jack and the Beanstalk in Airfield Class This week our bean plants have continued to grow and we have needed to repot them in order to give them plenty of room to develop their roots. After planting our beans we have enjoyed listening to lots of variations of the traditional tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We even made our own castle clouds in the sky and put them on top of our beanstalk canes.
  • Wednesday 19 May 2021 Cricket in Arches Class In Arches Class we are enjoying having Aiden from the Luctonians working with us to develop our cricket skills. We have been enjoying learning to bat and working on our fielding skills.
  • Friday 14 May 2021 Arches class hydroponic farm Arches class have created a hydroponic farm in the classroom. We have been looking at plants and the different ways they can be grown. 
  • Friday 14 May 2021 What's on Doc?
  • Thursday 13 May 2021 'How does your garden grow?' with Airfield Class Over the past two weeks we have been looking very closely at plants in Airfield Class. We have even planted beans and cress and  enjoyed measuring our beans daily. They are growing very tall - so tall in fact that we think we will need to repot them soon!
  • Thursday 13 May 2021 The Big Ask
  • Thursday 13 May 2021 Forest School Fire - Year One Year One enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate and got to toast marshmallows around the campfire in Forest School today!
  • Wednesday 12 May 2021 Pedestrian training Today Ledicot class put their recent learning of the Green cross code into practice. They had to use their new knowledge to safely complete an independent walk through the Village. 
  • Monday 10 May 2021 Ice age ponds Today we had a visit from Herefordshire Wildlife Trust. We worked with them to explore How Ice age ponds were created and why they were/are important to our environment. During the activities we looked closely at Mammoths, A ice age timeline and did some pond dipping in the school pond to compare to ice age ponds. 
  • Friday 7 May 2021 Arches class enjoying ICT Arches class have enjoyed learning about algorithms while using an app on the ipads. They have worked hard to write a matching algorithm to represent the shape created.
  • Friday 7 May 2021 What's on Doc?
  • Friday 7 May 2021 School Library Visit for Airfield Class On Wednesday the children from YR and Y1 paid a visit to the school library.We thoroughly enjoyed nestling down in a cosy nook to enjoy a good book and even got the opportunity to choose one to borrow and take home.
  • Friday 7 May 2021 Delicious Recipes with Marcus Rashford Get cooking with Marcus and Tom
  • Thursday 6 May 2021 Marble run This week we have completed the construction and testing stage our of Recycled Marble Runs. The children worked in groups of 3 to create their runs with some extremely imaginative creations. 
  • Tuesday 4 May 2021 Mexico
  • Monday 3 May 2021 Arches class science fun! As part of our new science topic 'Plants', Arches class enjoyed learning about seed dispersal. We all made a helicopter seed from paper and could explain how this would be dispersed by the wind. We all enjoyed trying out our 'homemade seed' and exploring how it spins through the wind.
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Y6 Leavers

What a send off for our Y6 leavers! It has been a little bit different this year but what an end to their journey with us at Shobdon School. It has been a wonderful to see you all grow and develop into such animated and creative individuals. From den building to story writing, maths puzzling and more - you have all been such an important part of the Shobdon School community. We wish you lots of luck for the future and will miss you all very much!




Airfield Sports Day

We may not have had the opportunity to host our usual sports day this year but Airfield Class weren't going to finish the school year without a race or two!

On your marks, get set, GO!



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